I am Ana Solinís Ávila, an audiovisual producer specialising in the creation of artistic content through various forms of expression, such as photography, video production, graphic design and editorial editing.My work is mainly focused on capturing the energy and essence of different artistic disciplines, including dance, theatre and music, as well as other forms of creative, commercial and advertising expression.I have been collaborating with numerous artists and organisations for over 10 years and continue to explore new creative formats, including albums and posters design, editorial publishing and illustration.

Diseño de Ana Solinís
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My musical background and experience helps me to accompany and understand the language of artists who trust on my synesthetic and rhythmic language when documenting their projects. I like to think of myself as just another musician or performer, a part of the band or the crew, but with a visual instrument, since my own view influences how the public perceives the artist's personality and message. The image participates in those, as well as it shapes and amplifies them. That is why my work requires sensitivity and a lot of empathy.

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The concept of time, of the ephemeral, is very important to me. My style of photography can be framed in the personal, the human, as capsules capturing the genuine energy of what happens: from theatrical scenes to sunsets, from personal portraits to musical documentation. Each session is unique, each moment happens at once and each project has a message to be told with lights and shadows.

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Fotografía de Ana Solinís
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Diseño de portadas de discos
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Graphic Design

The search for the visual identity of a project requires a personal connection and communication with the artist. For me it is fundamental to reach a result with which you can identify with, or what you are going to hear when you buy a record, or with the show you are going to find behind a poster. It must always be a tailor-made suit for the creation that has to be dressed.

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